Archeology Study Program Prints History in the Best Student Graduates

The Archeology study program at Udayana University finally made history by giving the best undergraduate student graduates, this was conveyed at the 158th Period Prospective Graduates Ceremony on Tuesday, February 13 2024, at the Widya Sabha Mandala Auditorium of Prof.. Ida Bagus Mantra Building, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, University of Udayana.

Si Gede Bandem Kamandalu, a student of the 2020 Archeology study program, succeeded in becoming an outstanding graduate by completing 3.5 years of academic education with a GPA of 3.95. In his short speech, Bandem expressed hope that prospective graduates would be able to walk and be successful in their respective paths. Bandem also quoted the vision of the Archeology Student Association, an organization which has been the place that has accompanied him to grow and develop himself for the last 3 and a half years as an archeology student.

“Let me convey a quote from the vision of the Archaeology Student Association, where I grew up all this time, which reads Samani Gachanti Samani Jayanti, which means Walk Together Succeed Together. I hope that in the future we prospective graduates can walk and succeed in our respective paths," explained Bandem in front of the attendees of the Prospective Graduates Ceremony event.

During his time as an Archeology student, Bandem was known to be very active in activities within the study program and the Udayana Archeology Student Association (WARMA). From his short speech, it can be seen that WARMA's role is very big for Bandem, where by working dynamically with WARMA he finds many opportunities to take advantage of.

Bandem has also achieved many achievements ranging from academic to non-academic achievements, such as: Runner Up II Bagus FIB 2021, best presenter Bagus FIB, take a part in the badminton team contingent for the 61st University Of Udayana Anniversary, second place at the national level in the Scientific and Cultural Article Writing Competition organized by Pura Pakualaman Yogyakarta, and second place at the national level in the Scientific Anthropology Competition (LIA III) held by the Udayana Anthropology Student Association.

His ambition in the world of journalistic writing and photography has made Bandem well known among journalistic media groups, of course this is from  his great contribution. He has published many writings on journalism media portals, one of which is the platform.

"For some reason, from the start when I started writing, I was quite happy to learn about ecology, so I started writing more often about Subak and then about water too. So study hydro-archaeology and hydro-social "Maybe that's what I'm interested in now," said Bandem in a short interview session with WARMA's Public Relations Division.

Bandem is the new face of Udayana Archeology. The steps he took should be a great motivation for other Archeology students to move forward together and seize continuous achievements. Hopefully in the future the Archeology Study Program will keep paying great attention and support all its students in achieving their dreams and again provide the best graduates for the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Udayana University.



Denpasar, 13 February 2024